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Eden Foods Organic Apple Butter Spread

"So good. This apple butter tastes pure and is so great, it's the best. I love it on everything. I also love it has nothing else in it but pure goodness and you can tell. Give it a try!"
- EK

"I can't get enough of this Organic Apple Butter Spread from Eden! It tastes fantastic! It's great on toast, muffins and even mixed in for baking. The texture is nice and smooth. I love that it's organic! I recommend it to everyone to try looking for an organic alternative to a favorite."
- C.W.
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Walden Farms Strawberry Fruit Spread

"I was actually very surprised by how good this Walden Farm's Strawberry Fruit Spread was. It tastes just like a normal strawberry jelly. But obviously, not as loaded with sugar and artificial flavors. This was rich, and smooth and had such an amazing strawberry taste. Tastes amazing on toast and even tried it on a pb&j sandwich and I was not disappointed. Would defiantly recommend this product."
- Harley Kensington

"Opção excelente para diabéticos e para quem está de dieta!, Comprei esse geleia com o pé atras ao ver que era sem açúcar, sem gorduras e 0 de calorias mas ao provar tive uma surpresa pois ela e muito boa. Recomendo este produto a qualquer um."
- Monica Lima
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Eden Foods Organic Grape Butter

"Whoa, very natural grape spread. You can tell they left all the textures in there, but it's still quite smooth. Very, very sweet. If you like grape jellies and jams, this is for you."
- Bruce Kent

""Butter" might not be the right term for this. This Grape Butter has the consistency of a thick paste. It's very good, sweet and tart, but very thick and a little can go a long way. You can water it down easily, though. Boil it down into a syrup or just thin it out with a little water and it's a grape sauce. Just try not to get it on anything, it stains everything purple."
- EK
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Walden Farms Marshmallow Dip

"This marshmallow dip from Walden Farm's is so good. I bought it to make a lighter version of my favorite dessert and I was shocked at how great it tasted for being sugar free, fat free, and calorie free. It isn't super thick to where it's hard to work with. But it is just the perfect consistency. Tasted just like a normal marshmallow fluff to me. Would highly recommend if you're looking for lighter options that aren't awful for you!"
- Harley Kensington

"Its taste like marshmallows. Its good "
- Adena
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Eden Foods Organic Tart Cherry Butter

"A great way to start your morning. Eden products are the best."
- T Hunter
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AUD$16.48 AUD$14.01
Eden Foods Umeboshi Paste

"This is a great addition to the flavoring and condiment collection in the kitchen. It has a lovely salty-sour flavor. It give a nice piquant kick to your vittles."
- Valentyn
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Walden Farms Apple Butter Fruit Spread

"Мне этот джем не очень понравился, но учитывая, что в нем нет каллорий и его можно употреблять, сидя на диете, все же стоит его выделить среди остальных джемов. Слегка химический на вкус, но не сильно противный. Но вот если прочесть состав, то невольно задумываешься, а стоит ли..."
- Anna Wilke
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Walden Farms Grape Fruit Spread

"If you're looking for an alternative to sugary, high calorie fruit spread, I would definitely try this Grape Fruit Spread by Walden Farms. It has an amazing taste and is very smooth so it spreads easily. It is my favorite with peanut butter on sandwiches. Love that it is calorie and fat free and that it isn't loaded with a bunch of artificial sugar. "
- Harley Kensington
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Walden Farms Apricot Fruit Spread

"Эта варенька показана для людей, кто соблюдает низкокалорийную диету или не употребляют сахар. По консистенции больше похоже на желе. На вкус не очень вкусная, помимо этого чувствуется долгое сладкое послевкусие из-за содержащегося в нем сахарозаменителя. Если добавлять в коктейль или в творог, то вполне себе сойдет."
- Anna Wilke
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Nuts 'N More High Protein Peanut Spread

"So I'm a peanut butter person. So finding this Nuts n' More High Protein Peanut Butter Spread was fantastic. The white chocolate flavor is wonderful. It isn't over powering and it helps curve my chocolate craving very well. I put this on toast, pretzels and even melt a little and make trail mix with it I love the consistency of it as well. It isn't too thick or too thin. It really is a fantastic option for individuals who love peanut butter but want a little more out of it."
- Allie C
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AUD$27.68 AUD$20.76
Nuts 'N More High Protein Almond Spread

"Not sweet enough for me!, It was nice! Very nutty but a little bit too overpowering on the cinnamon I think I'll try white chocolate wonderful next :)"
- Alise
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