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Epic Dental Xylitol Gum

"Great gum, The only gum I chew is Epic. It lasts a long time and stays chewy!!"
- Alise

"Fantastic! I have reflux disease and find this a valuable way of controlling reflux mechanicaly, especially when gardening etc. "
- Michael Smart
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AUD$6.79 AUD$5.03
Pur Gum

"Not a huge fan of the taste. I usually like pomegranate but the mix of mint really throws it off. It doesn't have any bad aftertaste like with most sugar-free products, though. I can't say how long the flavors lasts as I didn't chew it long enough to find out. "
- EK

"Terrific taste! There's no overwhelming fake sugar flavor and has just the right fruity / mint tastes. The only bad thing is that it loses flavor very quick."
- Bruce Kent
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AUD$23.11 AUD$20.39
Pur Gum

"Pur Gum has made xylitol gum an affordable product. Contains none of those horrible chemical sweeteners. It tastes great and is good for your teeth."
- Valentyn

"I love this gum. Refreshened my breath and whitened my teeth. Price is not bad compared to others."
- Lisa Hunter
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AUD$27.06 AUD$23.80
Chicza Organic Mayan Rainforest Chewing Gum

"Eu admirei a idéia de ter um chiclete orgânico mas confesso que deixa a desejar um pouco pois perde o gosto muito rapidamente. A textura é um pouco diferente de um chiclete convencional mas o que mais me chamou a atenção foi como perde-se o sabor em 1-2 minutos. Eu compraria novamente por saber que o processo utilizado é mais consciente mas confesso que essa não seria a minha primeira opção."
- Monica W

"Esse ciclete tem um sabor maravilhoso, é orgânico, vegan, kosher e biodegradável mas é muito estranho não parece chiclete, parece uma bala, tem uma textura estranha para mastigar. Este sabor gostoso que eu citei também acaba super rápido e ele endurece deixando impossível manter ele na boca por mais tempo. A embalagem dele é bem bacana parece ser toda natureba também tem até uma breve explicação referente a fabricação do produto! Gostei mas não gostei! "
- Tata
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AUD$2.91 AUD$2.11
Pur Gum

"Honestly, this Pomegranate Mint Pur Gum had a really weird taste. For some reason, the combination of pomegranate mint does not belong together. I do like that the gum has a crunch hard shell and is then soft in the middle. Overall though, I wasn't impressed with this gum. "
- Harley Kensington

"Είναι όπως την περίμενα!! Απολαυστικά,απλά είναι λίγο κληρή!! "
- Stefanos Stamboulis
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AUD$5.10 AUD$3.82
Epic Dental Xylitol Mints

"Excellent and tasty product."
- Tomer G.
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AUD$2.71 AUD$2.24
FunFresh Foods Zylicious

"This gum is sooo delicious! Glad I purchased it. Zylicious is good for a fresh breath and the smell of cinnamon lingers in the mouth. I gave my family some and they loved it too. I will be buying more soon!"
- Lisa H.
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AUD$13.59 AUD$12.23
Xylichew Gum

"I love this gum! It last as long as you need it to and it tastes delicious! I love chewing gum but I am not a fan of all the sugar that goes into it so that is why XYLICHEW is the PERFECT alternative! Thank you for making such an awesome product!"
- Lindsay
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AUD$6.79 AUD$5.29
Pur Gum

"This Pur Gum in the peppermint was okay, but the flavor lasted for not even 15 minutes. I'd end up going through the bag in a day. The overall flavor was really good, but its super disappointing how short the flavor actually lasts. If I'm chewing gum I'd like it to last at least an hour or so. It's great that this product doesn't contain aspartame. Overall, not very satisfied with the product. "
- Harley Kensington
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AUD$16.24 AUD$12.34
Xlear SparX

"Конфетки, которые не способствуют размножению кариеса, за счет содержащегося в них ксилита – просто находка для любителей сладенького. Представляют из себя твердые сладкие горошинки. Можно без опасений давай детям – они не вредят, а наоборот очень полезны для зубов."
- Alex Wilke
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AUD$16.24 AUD$12.34
Xlear SparX

"Тик-так по сравнению с этими конфетками просто отдыхает. Благодаря ксилиту, эти драже служат для предотвращения размножения вредных бактерий во рту после приема пищи. Несколько штучек после еды дают приятное ощущение чистоты. Но они не освежают, просто сладенькие конфеты."
- Alex Wilke
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AUD$16.24 AUD$12.34
Xlear SparX

"мне помогает бороться с тягой к сладкому, Эти конфетки чем-то походят на Холодок из детства. Маленькие и душистые конфетки, на вкус фруктово-ягодные с холодинкой, мне помогает бороться с тягой к сладкому. Маленькие и цветные горошинки рассасываются долго, грызутся с трудом, умеренно сладкие. Удобная баночка, хорошо закрывается – можно не бояться, что просыпется в сумке."
- Anna Wilke
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