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AUD$ 29.53 AUD$ 15.45
Dose Per Serving: 3 mg
eVitamins Melatonin


I have been using Ultra Melatonin 3mg for many years, I find it is an excellent product for sleeping especially if you suffer from insomnia. Being a natural hormone it has helped me with staying asleep much longer which makes me think a lot clearer and no foggy memory the next day. I always purchase through eVitamins and it’s good value especially when there is a promotion “buy one, get one free.”
- Ruth

I don't like its smell but it works

I didn't like that... It has a different smell, like I was swallowing plastic... But its contents helps me get sleepy.
- Cristina M
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AUD$ 17.71 AUD$ 9.63
Dose Per Serving: 2,000 IU
eVitamins Vitamin D3

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Product arrived in a very fast awesome time !! High quality!! They can buy without fear.
- Adriano monteiro de Almeida

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I recommend

Excellent product. Great price. Super recommend it. Fast delivery.
- Carlos Eduardo Kling
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AUD$ 31.50 AUD$ 18.06
Dose Per Serving: 5 mg
eVitamins Melatonin


Excellent sleep aid for adults, easy to use. I recommend to all who find it hard to fall asleep at night. Have been using for some time.
- Tracy Phillips

Melatonin Gummies

Easy way to take melatonin. Very handy if you are not good at swallowing tablets. Works quickly and effectively . Recommend. Will be reordering. The gummies have a pleasant flavour. They represent good value for money.
- Gladstone Mum
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AUD$ 23.62 AUD$ 15.25
eVitamins Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Excellent brand!

Coconut oil was a great discovery and I saw good things both on the internet and on tv and hearing about the benefits I started to research even more and every research discovered a new benefit. Currently I use the kitchen in sweet and salty recipes, in the hair for moisturizing, inside the creams to aid in the daily nutrition of the threads, use as a makeup remover to remove the makeup, in the healing process of my tattoos. I am pregnant and replace the conventional cream with the oil in the belly and legs, I make homemade soap for my son who is only two years old and a few days ago I learned to make a shampoo in a bar where the base is coconut oil and just like all Other things get incredible besides being healthier than conventional ones and more sustainable. Throughout research I discovered that I have to keep an eye on the manufacture, brand and storage of the oil so I chose the one of the evitamins that is 100% pure, organic has good references and the price benefit is great.
- Cleverson Schroth

Coconut Oil is a great pleasure!

Now as a person who is really into Metaphysics and herbal health healing routines or going the more natural way as you could say. I suddenly stumbled across Virgin Coconut Oil! Oh yes this is a very good product and I've heard a lot of stories about the greatness of this product, so after trying it I noticed how things were for me as well. First thing I've noticed upon opening the bottle is the scent and yes it does smell like Coconut Oil and the Oil part mainly stands out. Not saying it's a bad scent but it can be a little better as once again it smells more like a pure oil at times with a hint of coconut. Anyways I took no time withing rubbing this on my skin and face. Within minutes I was amazed and very satisfied with my order. It made my skin lighter and the tone was much more lively than other products that I have used in the past. Everyone noticed how much lighter I looked. It is more of an liquid like type of oil once it gets unfrozen or thaw from it's current state it's much better to use or smear around. I rubbed it in my hair and everywhere else but however the scent isn't really that appeasing to me so therefore I mixed in another to make sure everything was right. You will need to mix in something else to blend with this scent, other than that it is really a great product!
- Shadow Spirit
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AUD$ 31.50 AUD$ 16.38
eVitamins B-50 Vitamin B Complex

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Confidence in the product!

Excellent product, safety and reliability!

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Great complex B!

Excellent complex B! Allied practice of exercises has been quite beneficial! In addition to vegan, it does not use genetically modified compounds! Best value for money, not to mention the quality of Evitamins that, besides being a 100% safe website, has a high quality product! It is my first product of the brand Evitamins and I am very excited! Certainly I will come back to buy!
- Gleiferson de Lima Viana
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AUD$ 25.59 AUD$ 16.06
Dose Per Serving: 25 mg
eVitamins DHEA

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Melatonin is life and DHEA is peace of heart

I like the quality and welfare effect of the product. My mood is stable and my anxiety has decreased. The problem is that the same type of product bought in Brazil is very expensive, so I preferred to order from E-vitamins, which is a reliable and easy to use site. The price is possibly the best on the market, because even with cash-free bonuses and discounts, it is worth buying at other companies.
- Fernando Mafalda Freire

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Excellent for the namesake .. best there is, several benefits with use. I read a lot about this supplement, which is a pro hormone that turns into what the body is missing. I bought to improve my muscle mass and testosterone..with results.
- Patrick Camatta
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AUD$ 39.38 AUD$ 32.73
Dose Per Serving: 50 mg
eVitamins DHEA

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great product

excellent product efficient and cheap fast delivery. I advise the supplier without any restrictions

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Great value for money

Here at home my mother and I have the adrenal fatigue and our doctor recommended we take this dose of DHEA, we already took 25mg and it worked well, but in our case we need to increase to this dose. And really we are feeling even better in the stress-related sense - that we couldn't control much - it has helped to help control and the bad feeling that stress causes in the body which is that tension and pressure in the head. This store is one of the best online because it always has products with a wonderful cost benefit and in great quantities, so always buy here! I highly recommend this product has worked well with us, testing it was a great idea, hope in the future the brand make the sublingual version that is even better ... Until the treatment is over we will be buying this product, thanks!
- Maíra Larissa do Nascimento
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AUD$ 78.78 AUD$ 41.92
Dose Per Serving: 100 mg
eVitamins 7-Keto

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I loved it

I highly recommend this product. This is the product. Speaking of myself, I'm still well over my weight. With 7-keto your metabolism increases and so your body works faster, so fat burning is faster. I am taking two 100 mg capsules a day. I felt improvements in mood, skin, almost no physical tiredness. If possible, use at the same time as physical activity, even a light walk, to enhance results and achieve a fast and healthy weight loss! About evitamins, the site is amazing, I received the products extremely quickly and very well packaged. Highly recommend! Loved it and will buy again.
- vivian lima reis

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Convenient format for essential extras

I always take 7-keto which is an active metabolite of DHEA to keep the metabolic levels of youth after climacteric. 7-keto's e-vitamins have the best cost-benefit: they are small and simple capsules to swallow and have the advantage of not coming combined with caffeine and / or other thermogenics that make it unfeasible to tommar in the evening. That is: I can take them at any time of the day.
- Simone Pinto DiMeglio
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AUD$ 47.26 AUD$ 26.58
Dose Per Serving: 100 mg
eVitamins DHEA

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I am deficient in lean mass (sarcopenia) and in my consultation with my nutrologist he pointed me to the use of this supplement to improve body composition response and gain in lean mass. It is really worth the long term use the body responds well to. The value even with freight costs is worth it. I took in the consultation and he approved the medication. I take 1 pill after the meal, I'm feeling more willing after I start using it, not to mention the long-term health benefits this wellness will bring me. I thought it was worth the investment. The site is totally reliable. The delivery was fast with total certainty worth it. No doubt, I will ask for more. I was very pleased with the service, the quality of the products, and especially the delivery that honestly happened much faster than I expected. I continue to use the diet with high protein. And lean mass has increased significantly
- Litzamara l correia

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very good product both in price and quality
- Sérgio Azzalin
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AUD$ 78.70 AUD$ 47.40
Dose Per Serving: 750 mg
eVitamins Ultra Omega 3 Non-GMO

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Very good product

High quality product
- Rubens Batista De Lima

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Omega 3

Great product, high concentration of DHA at a fair price. The evitamins brand products are highly quality. Not to mention quick delivery.
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AUD$ 25.59
eVitamins Logo T-Shirt

Wearing it proudly!

Who isn't proud to wear a shirt with their fave online store on it?!? A few interesting conversations have come up while wearing this shirt. I have been able to share my new love of essential oils and beauty products I've found at eVitamins.
- Tami Qualls

Very beautiful t-shirt

I liked the T-shirt, I use it to train in the gym.
- Epitacio Carneiro
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AUD$ 19.68 AUD$ 9.99
Dose Per Serving: 400 IU
eVitamins Liquid Vitamin D-3

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For those who do not like tablets

It is a more enjoyable way to take Vitamin D3 for those who do not like tablets. Incidentally, in liquid or sublingual form the absorption is greater. The price no longer compensates so much, I think the dosage of 400 IU, but there goes from each person, of course. The eVitamins brand is certainly reliable with respect to the quality of the vitamin.
- Leandro Pontes Medeiros

Easy to take

I am pleased with this supplement. It's easy to take. It has no flavor, other than an oily substance. It goes easily in my water or dropped right into my mouth. My symptoms for D deficiency are no more.
- Tami Qualls
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