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Anti Aging Reviews

AUD$ 26.80 AUD$ 21.90
NeoCell Super Collagen Plus C

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Essential for your life!

Excellent supplement, felt an improvement in muscle mass, gave me more strength in muscles. It improved my hair, skin that was parched. This supplement already comes with vitamin C and if you can buy vitamin E to use together!
- Washington Jeronimo Rodrigues de Souza

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A real source of beauty and youth.

About 10 years ago I didn\u2019t think at all about old age and health. She probably thought that I would always be young and beautiful. But alas, when I crossed the line of 30, I realized that it was not. Problems with skin begin, wrinkles appear, problems with hair, they are no longer the same as they were before. And I will not say anything about health, not one thing, but another. I was advised to drink collagen by a cosmetologist. According to her, with the help of collagen, old age can be postponed for about five years. Previously, this drug did not drink, but still decided to try. I got collagen and strictly began to take it according to the instructions. Despite the fact that I am allergic, I did not notice any manifestation of allergy. I note immediately that it has become more efficient. It became easier to wake up and easier to fall asleep. Strength remained at the gym or at home. Of course, after a long period of administration, I noticed that the skin on the face and neck became denser, tightened. Small wrinkles are not so "catch" in the eye. The skin stopped flaking, on the contrary, I felt hydrated there where I did not have before, I mean hands, I have dry skin since childhood. With regards to the hair, alas, but I did not notice the changes. But the problems with the joints are gone, although I find it difficult to call them very big too. I conclude: the product is of high quality and really works!
- анонимное
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AUD$ 8.89 AUD$ 6.83
Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque

Deep Cleaning

Goes on easy and you can tell when it starts to dry and know it's time to rinse it off. It cleans deep and makes your skin feel very refreshed after. Really liked this. Product lasts a long time so you get multiple uses from it!
- Dino

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Mask with pink clay.

Excellent face mask, pink clay cleans the skin well, after rinsing there is no tightness. (I have combined skin) The clay melts quickly from water and is easily washed off. After the mask, the pores taper a little and the skin is slightly tucked up.
- анонимное
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AUD$ 47.04 AUD$ 35.28
Reviva Labs Alpha Lipoic Acid Vit.C Ester  DMAE Cream


This is the best product to make you look younger , I have ever used! I would highly recommend this product. It makes your wrinkles not so visible. Try this product and you will be glad you did . Good luck.
- Carol S Smith

Love this!!!

I have nothing but positive things to say about this Reviva Labs Alpha Lipoic Acid Vit.C Ester & DMAE Cream! I use it before bed nightly. After washing my face I let it air dry and then apply the cream to my face and neck. It is very light weight and doesn't feel heavy and greasy. A little goes a long way too! You don't have to cake it on to notice it's there. I can definitely see the difference in my skin tone after starting to use this product.
- Harley Kensington
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AUD$ 33.58 AUD$ 18.13
Now Foods Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum

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I like the NOW Brand

I bought two bottle a year or so ago and I did not get the results I was expecting. I would not recommend this.
- Monica Poncy

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Very good.

Good, smelly, leaves skin soft.
- Rodrigo Reis
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AUD$ 31.90 AUD$ 17.22
Now Foods Hyaluronic Acid Creme

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Excellent product!!

Excellent quality product! Good texture, nice smell, practical packaging. Super effective and in a few weeks already the result is noticed, and the price super affordable, delivery was super fast, service was excellent, the site is to be congratulated. Ameii, I will buy this product again for sure! And I will take advantage of the other offers of products because the products are wonderful, brands of very good products, that are with a price not to be missed !!
- Karina Alexandre de Sousa

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I recommend!

I do not usually bother with these comments, but this stuff is amazing. My main reason to start using it was because of two very deep lines from my face to my upper lip. After maybe 2 weeks of use only once a day and they almost disappeared! I could not believe it. I am using hyaluronic acid in conjunction with my Aubrey Organics cleanser and moisturizer but can get the moisturizer now because it also has hyaluronic acid in it. Try it, you will not be disappointed.
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AUD$ 30.32 AUD$ 23.18
Jason Natural Cosmetics Ester C Cream

I put Ester C Cream on my face at bedtime. It helps me avoid actinic keratosis. Have been using it for years!
- Sheila V.

I bought Ester C Cream a few days ago and after about 3/4 days of using it morning and evening I have a horrible rash on my face! I have no clue how to get rid of it and am so far away from home to see a Doctor. I bought it because I could not find my usual face cream and thought I could use this in the interim. I cannot believe that the results are so crazy after just a few days! I regret buying it.
- Anonymous
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AUD$ 37.80 AUD$ 30.24
Derma E DMAE Alpha Lipoic C-Ester Cream

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Super Cream! I really liked!

I am 32 years old, I have no obvious-expressed problems in the form of scaling, acne, fat and early wrinkles, so far)) Accordingly, I was looking for a remedy that will help keep my skin in order with a hint of the first age changes. and so that this cream does not roll under makeup! The tool is positioned as a moisturizer and gives the skin elasticity. As part of this cream is DMAE, which immediately interested. This substance is used as an excellent antioxidant. And initially it was known as a drug to improve the blood supply and restore the work of muscles and ligaments. DMAE promotes the production of acetylcholine - a substance that tones the tissues and muscles, as a result of which the skin tightens naturally. The blood supply improves, which helps to fight from the inside with wrinkles and dryness. I now have a skin prone to flaking, there are enlarged pores. If you choose the wrong face cream, acne and inflammation occur. Therefore, I carefully select facial care products. This cream is just perfect for my skin! You just can\u2019t imagine how gladly I use it. My skin is very comfortable with it. The skin says thank you to me! Summing up, I can say that: it makes the skin smooth and elastic, serves as an excellent foundation for makeup, does not roll off, the cream perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, it does not clog pores and does not provoke acne, makes the skin smooth and elastic, evens out complexion, does not cause allergies can be used both in the morning and in the evening, and even in the afternoon a good composition, the budget price, as for such composition and quality) In general, Derma E products have never let me down! In addition, the price for it is very good. For luxury creams would never come back already) it makes no sense! After all, after thirty it is better to start taking care of your skin thoroughly and carefully. I recommend this product!
- Zhanna Ananiichuk

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I liked the cream.

I liked the cream. It tightens the skin well. The only thing after applying the cream is to moisturize the skin
- анонимное
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AUD$ 22.68
Reviva Labs Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser for Sun-Damaged Skin

I'm 30 years old and am plagued by occasional blemishes. I've found that glycolic cleaners help prevent my face from breaking out. I like this Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser, but agree with the other reviewer that it takes too long. What I do is wash my face with a mild soap, then use the glycolic cleanser and toner. My face feels clean and soft, and it has helped with my blemishes.
- Anonymous

If you like to wash your face on the go, or in the shower, this product is not for you. I failed to read the instructions (massage into face 1 to 2 minutes, and leave on for another minute). Being a new mom, I don't have time to massage my face every day. I've used glycolic cleansers before, and was dissapointed with the results of this one. I even used the glycolic toner afterwards and my face just didn't feel clean.
- Anonymous
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AUD$ 23.25 AUD$ 17.77
Avalon Organics CoQ10 Facial Cleansing Milk

I wanted "FREE SHIPPING and ended up with a Treasure 😊😁😘

AVALON ORGANICS WRINKLE THERAPY I saw this product while searching for something to add to my cart to qualify for the free shipping😁.... I am glad I chose this organic facial cleanser, My face was left cleansed, soft, gentle on my skin and mainly it did NOT feel dry or stripped. I will purchase the entire Avalon Organic Skin line which also includes, toner and facial lotion as well. GREAT PRODUCT... P.S. I ended up paying for Rush delivery to try the product...LOL #Go Figure😊😁😊
- Deouna Jagne

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Removes impeccable dirt and makeup!

Facial cleaner that only smells like you are crazy! removes impeccable dirt and makeup!
- Fotini Pollatou
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AUD$ 58.78
CodeAge Wild Caught Marine Collagen Peptides


Amazing product for a reasonable price.
- Andrea Martins

Best Marine Collagen

Huge improvement in my skin and it last four months.
- Hillary Keller
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AUD$ 48.27 AUD$ 36.89
Avalon Organics CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense Serum

As soon as the CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense serum dries I feel like I've had a face lift. You can feel the tightness. It's great and Ph balanced. It doesn't feel greasy and can go on under makeup. One bottle lasts about 2-3 months if applied twice a day.
- Joyce

I can't live without this. It fills in all the little crow's feet. I put it under eye, over lids and the area above my lids then apply my cosmetics after is drys which is clear. After it drys you can't tell that it is there but you can see a huge difference. CoQ10 is best used when absorbed through the skin and it renews cells making this product fantastic. It took 10 years off my face.
- Jen
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AUD$ 46.49 AUD$ 35.51
Avalon Organics CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense Cream

CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense Cream seems to be working on my wife! Her skin looks smoother.
- Ike Agustin

I have an acne issue and was using traditional products, but found that my face was rough and dry, so I looked for a product that I could use for aging as well. I found that using CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense Cream alone made my skin firmer and the Ph balancing regulated my skin so I no longer need acne products. This renewed my epidermis to a youthful stage, minus all the acne. My skin was just yearning for the moisture and balancing. Acne products were just making it worse. I love this product and combine it with the serum (used around the eyes) and with Alba Coconut Facial Wash. The three are a dynamite combo. All three last about 3 months. I'm 30 and have finally found my baby skin!
- Joy
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AUD$ 32.19 AUD$ 24.60
Avalon Organics CoQ10 Ultimate Firming Lotion

It's fabulous. I have sun damaged skin on my forearms which bruises and tears easily. Since using this cream I have no more bruises and no tearing.
- Maree Mayer

Lovely aroma. My skin feels firmer and softer and small wrinkles are smoothing out.
- Karen E.
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AUD$ 40.29 AUD$ 28.21
Source Naturals Skin Eternal Cream

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Cream with acids.

Perfect for the cold period, perfectly evens skin color and relief. The aroma in a jar resembles pina colada, but when applied it changes. It has a pleasant texture. Easily distributed over the skin, in the morning gives a little shine.
- Tatiana

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The smell is not so and not pleasant

The smell is not so and not pleasant, but the action did not understand it.
- анонимное
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AUD$ 25.12 AUD$ 20.09
Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate Creme

If you read the ingredients in this creme, you will find many ingredients. Vitamin A is among them, but I do not understand how it can be called Vitamin A Creme.
- Anonymous

I love Vitamin A Wrinkle Treatment Creme. I was surprised by the size at such a minimal cost. I've tried many creams on the market that were much higher in cost but did not deliver what they promised. I wear this cream in the morning and at night, and whenever I just want some additional moisture. I have very sensitive skin and have had no reactions whatsoever to this cream. It has reduced the lines and wrinkles on my face and I've only been using it a short while.
- ff
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AUD$ 33.58 AUD$ 18.13
Now Foods Wrinkle Rescue Caps

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Excellent, great. It gives energy, leaves your skin brighter and softer. I loved it!!
- Alexandre Luis Rodrigues

Great product, similar to Dr Perricone's at a much better price.
- John Wilson
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AUD$ 33.58 AUD$ 18.13
Now Foods CoQ10 Age Defying Moisturizer

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I use it as a day cream and I no longer live without it. My skin has improved significantly. It looks healthier and younger.
- Brígida Raquel Dias Pinto

CoQ10 Age Defying Moisturizer is a very good product. Combined with the coq10 serum ... they give energy in your face in the morning!
- Chris Ioannou
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AUD$ 39.46 AUD$ 26.46
Life-Flo Retinol A

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For skin whitening

Helps in bleaching blemishes, do not leave the pot open, because it is photosensitive, can change the color and function of the cream.
- Larissa Matsumoto


My favorite night time product!!!!! I can see the results of using it for quite a while now and I am scared to stop!!!
- PS
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AUD$ 35.11 AUD$ 26.34
Reviva Labs Glycolic Acid Oily Skin Light Daytime Moisturizer

Glycolic Acid Oily Skin Light Cream Moisturizer moisturizer is fantastic! It truly reduces oil production and does not clog pores at all. It moisturizes wonderfully and naturally. A little goes a long way, well worth the price! I have tried many, many moisturizers and this is the best I have found. My skin is very oily, prone to breakouts, and clogged pores. This product is all natural (big bonus for me) and is fabulous addition to my skin care routine. Thank you!
- Anonymous

This moisturizer is so light and non-irritating. It keeps my skin baby smooth. You should try it.
- Loren Michelle
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AUD$ 22.68
Reviva Labs Glycolic Acid Facial Toner

I've been a loyal fan of this Glycolic Acid Facial Toner for 10 years, and I always make sure I have it on hand. This light toner is the easiest way for me to get the benefit of glycolic acid without adding a greasy layer of cream or lotion on my face. What's great is that you can use it by itself in the summer, and in the winter when your skin is dryer, you can layer serum, lotion, or cream on top. (I'm 43 and still get carded sometimes, so I must be doing something right!)
- Gina Farley
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AUD$ 30.24 AUD$ 22.68
Reviva Labs Collagen Night Cream

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COLLAGEN NIGHT CREAM, Excellent produit. Qualit\xe9 prix.

I have been using the night cream for over a month now and I find my skin is younger looking and people have commented on how fresh my skin is looking. I highly recommend this cream. Its excellent, absorbs quickly and is not greasy at all!
- Kim Peterson
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AUD$ 35.11 AUD$ 26.34
Reviva Labs Firming Eye Serum

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Refreshing serum for the eye area.

The serum is thick, but when it comes into contact with the skin, it starts to melt, it is easily distributed and you can see an instant effect of it, the skin under the eyes looks fresher and more rested. In general, I really liked this brand and plan to continue my acquaintance with it.
- анонимное

This serum really works! I have been using Eye Serum DMAE & Alpha Lipoic Acid & Vit. C Ester for nearly two years. I did not have much wrinkles under my eyes in the first place but I did have dark circles. I saw results within a month after using it. If you are looking for a quick fix (if it really exists...), this product is not for you. The product does not leave any greasy feel as it instantly gets absorbed. This bottle goes a long way as only a pea-sized amount is enough.
- Suzanna R.
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AUD$ 25.87 AUD$ 22.68
Reviva Labs Elastin  DMAE Night Cream

This cream is not oil free, so if you are prone to breakouts or have oily skin, this will not work for you. It made me breakout and gave my skin a dull appearance. I used it for about 3 months.
- Anonymous

This Elastin and DMAE night cream is a terrible product. It made my skin look worse!
- Lea
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AUD$ 39.31 AUD$ 30.04
Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Face Cream

Translate  Original
The real skin is getting better! I was famous on the internet and it worked really well :) At first, there was a slight feeling of warmth, but it was adapted, the flavor was so good, and the finish was good! I am so satisfied that I will be repurchased after I have used it.
- Anonymous

This was good, not sticky, smells like lemons. I use it after my shower before bed. I don't know if it does all it says, but it is a nice moisturizer skin cream.
- Anonymous
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