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Treating Pain With Alpha and Delta Waves

If you suffer from chronic pain, such as migraines, more prescription pills may not be the answer. Learn about the treatment that goes right to the source of your pain -- the brain.

The brain is actually where we begin to experience pain. All the signals coming from the body end up in the brain, and it's here pain is regulated or recognized. When the brain has something known as neurological dysregulation syndrome, however, it can cause you to experience chronic forms of pain. Fortunately, there are now ways of using alpha and delta wavelengths to control the pain.

Let's first understand how these waves work, and that will tell us how they control things like pain, sleep and more.

In the body, there are certain hormones needed for healing and brain function. Human growth hormone and serotonin are two of them and they work like this: the human growth home triggers the body to grow tissue or heal. This is a painful matter and so serotonin is created to reduce the perception of pain. It's also the compound that regulates such things as our sex drive and sleep cycle.

When we don't have enough serotonin, we experience pain more often. However, when we sleep properly, our brain releases appropriate amounts of both compounds. When we have problematic sleep, and that means sleep lacking in adequate delta waves, we don't create enough of them.

Alpha waves are also part of the sleep process. The compound known as acetylcholine controls sleep, and it's managed by alpha waves in the brain. When there are too few of these waves, it causes an imbalance in the central nervous system.

Thus, when the body's alpha and delta waves are irregular, it can lead to pain, fatigue, irritability, headaches and more.

To overcome this issue naturally, many people who suffer from chronic pain (such as those with migraines) will undergo EEG biofeedback. This measures the electrical patterns in the human brain and then uses special brain training techniques to rebalance everything.

It's going to actually retrain the brain's waves to behave in a healthier manner. The use of alpha and delta waves varies from location to location, but most of the systems rely on immediate feedback to the patient. This develops what's known as the "plasticity" of the brain. This gently encourages the brain to work in a healthier way and to begin producing compounds like human growth hormone, serotonin and acetylcholine.

In addition to biofeedback, many patients seeking pain relief from common conditions, or who are hoping to improve sleep, will also begin to use trigger point massage on their faces, and antioxidant supplements. The massage simply releases some of the stress caused by chronic pain, and the supplements are excellent for cellular regeneration and anti-inflammation. These two activities ensure the brain can produce new cells as abundantly as necessary.

It isn't difficult to see why people with chronic pain would explore the use of alpha and delta waves. They're safe, effective and permanently remedy the situation by treating at the source of all pain -- inside of the brain!


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