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Quiz: Which Type of Protein Is Right for You?

There is a variety of different protein supplements available to help you meet your health and fitness goals. Which one should you choose? Take our quiz to find out.. Learn more at

Whether you're starting work on a new health and fitness goal or looking to maintain your results, protein is a crucial component of a balanced diet. Protein supplements provide the amino acids necessary to build lean muscle mass, regulate metabolism and more. But which supplement should you use?

Five of the most popular types of protein supplements are whey, soy, casein, rice and egg white. Take our quiz to find the right one for you:

1. What is your fitness goal?
A. Big muscle gains/adding weight
B. Lose weight
C. General fitness/no major gains or losses
D. Maintain weight loss
E. Build lean muscle

2. When do you plan to take the protein supplement?
A. Before working out
B. As a meal replacement
C. In the evening
D. For breakfast
E. After working out

3. How would you describe your diet?
A. Well rounded, no restrictions
B. Heart conscious
C. Vegan
D. Vegetarian
E. Protein heavy

4. What ingredients are you looking to avoid most?
A. None
B. No dairy
C. Artificial ingredients
D. No gluten
E. No soy

5. What is the main benefit you're looking for in a protein supplement?
A. Easily digested
B. Keeps you full
C. Quickly absorbed
D. Low cost
E. Additional nutrients

Mostly A's: Whey
Perfect for anyone doing serious training, whey protein is derived from milk and is easily digested by the body. It supports the development of muscle mass to help you make the gains you're after.
Product Recommendation: Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural Whey Protein Gold Standard

Mostly B's: Soy
If you're a vegetarian, soy is a plant-based protein source you can use regularly. Soy protein is known to keep you full longer between servings, making it an ideal meal replacement product.
Product RecommendationNature's Life Healthy Soy Protein

Mostly C's: Casein
Also produced from milk, casein protein is natural and quickly absorbed by the body. Many people take it before bed to assist in muscle recovery and repair and maintain a healthy weight.
Product Recommendation: MuscleTech Platinum 100 Percent Casein

Mostly D's: Rice
Rice protein is an excellent option for vegans and those who need to avoid gluten. Rice protein is affordable and makes a great addition to your morning smoothie to keep your metabolism up.
Product Recommendation: Jarrow Formulas Organic Brown Rice Protein Concentrate

Mostly E's: Egg White
Rich in vitamins as well as protein, egg white protein is especially beneficial when consumed after exercising to help build lean muscle mass to keep you strong and fit without too much bulk.
Product Recommendation: Now Foods Eggwhite Protein

You can find these protein supplements and more at eVitamins. Shop today!


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