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Benefits of Body Weight Training

By , Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 20, 2013
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Survival of the fittest encourages us to be bigger, faster and stronger. Many believe in order to achieve greater strength we need to lift heavy weights alongside Arnold types to individually build muscle groups.

It turns out, not everyone was completely on board with the idea of weight training. Though the concept has been around for generations, body weight training has recently caught on as being an effective alternative to weight training.

Body weight training takes advantage of the resistance a person's body naturally creates in order to improve their physique. In other words, body weight training is the workout you were born to do. Below are just some of the benefits associated with body weight training:

For a great number of the exercises, all you need is an adequate amount of floor space and possibly a raised bar or yoga mat. Heck, you could even use playground equipment (while the kids are gone) or a tree branch. People who are constantly traveling or simply cannot find the time to make the trip to the gym can still effectively train. Body weight training is both convenient and time efficient.

Cost Effectiveness
The crazy thing about body weight training is the most important piece of equipment you're ever going to need is your own body. Eventually, the need to buy a medicine ball or pull-up bar may strike you. Those average about $20 each which, in comparison with dumbbells or other weights which are normally a dollar per pound, isn't a terrible expense. Even if you decide not to spring for extra gear, you can have an effective workout without ever spending a dime by adding new exercises and more repetitions.

Whole-Body Workout
If you're doing an exercise such as a bicep curl or a triceps extension with dumbbells you're only targeting a certain area of the body, as the name indicates. Many body weight exercises require the involvement of multiple muscle groups working simultaneously. Some more advanced exercises even require a full body contraction as the only way to complete them. Using more parts of the body also increases the amount of calories burned during a workout. The more calories you burn, the greater possibility of weight loss.

Increased Flexibility
Many of the exercises associated with body weight training emphasize static, fluid movements of muscles groups with participants holding a position for seconds or minutes. These movements increase the body's range of motion by stretching ligaments without the dangers of muscle or ligament tears.

Increased Functional Strength
For most, getting rippling muscles isn't the end goal. In reality, you want to look in shape while having the strength to perform the actions of daily life. Body weight training gives you ability to essentially be a great deal stronger than you look. The main goal is to strengthen your core which in turn will strengthen other parts of the body. You'll have strength that will surprise you.

Possible Downsides?
Something frequently asked in regard to body weight training is “If I'm a bigger individual, isn't body weight training going to be rather difficult?” The simple and correct answer is a yes, but this shouldn't be viewed as negative. A bigger person is going to have more resistance at first then a thinner person, but they'll also be able to feel the difference. The more weight lost and the easier the workout gets, the more apparent it's working.

In fact, the only real downside associated with body weight training is resistance progression not being as easy to measure. Resistance is known as the force you work against during the exercise and must be increased to further strength. The problem is you're using your own body which will possibly be losing weight, decreasing resistance. To combat this, it's important to perform more challenging variations of an exercise or progressively more challenging exercises for the target muscle groups.

This can actually be viewed as a positive, however. Doing the same workout time after time can get stale and lead to it becoming a skills challenge over a way to better your body. Constantly changing the type of workout or resistance levels not only makes you more dynamic but keeps the workout interesting.

Remember, that before starting any exercise regimen, it's important to consult your doctor to ensure you're healthy enough for such activity. For other great health tips and products to make your workout more effective, explore the world of eVitamins!

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