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5 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

Taking care of your hair is a task that is necessary to perform year-round. Read on to find out some great ways to keep your hair healthy and happy this summer.

While the winter might be the season during which you believe your hair needs the most attention, due to the dry, frigid air, your hair needs to be cared for year-round. During the summer, hair can become especially susceptible to specific types of damage, from the sun and other elements, so it's important to make sure you know how to protect your locks so they look healthy and lustrous all year long. 

1. Protect against pool and ocean water.
Chlorine and algae-killing chemicals in pools can really do a number on your hair, whether it's color-treated or natural. Drying saltwater from the ocean can also have a negative impact. To keep your hair color protected against that yucky green hue or to defend against fading, applying some thick conditioner to your strands can help. Even if your hair is dry before you head out for the pool, slathering on some conditioner can provide dual-protective measures by blocking the absorption of chlorine and excess moisture and also defending your strands from sun damage. Similarly, rinsing your hair or wetting it before you take a dip can prevent it from absorbing so much pool or ocean water. 

2. Fight sun damage.
In addition to your skin, your hair needs protection from the sun. If your hair is long, wearing it up and totally covered under a large hat is probably the most obvious and effective way of keeping it safe from the sun. While sunscreen is most often used associated strictly with the skin, there are products with SPF that have been specifically formulated for hair protection. Don't forget to keep your scalp safe from the sun either. As one of the most-often overlooked areas of sunscreen application, your scalp can get burned easily and needs special attention. So slather on some sunblock on your part to keep it from becoming red, painful and flaky--something which can extend to your hair and make it look not so great.

3. Avoid over-drying.
While the environment is often humid in the summer, this doesn't mean that you can go crazy with drying your hair, using flat irons or other heat tools. Since the sun is naturally drying, it's best to avoid overdoing the heat during the summer. To take advantage of the heat naturally, try letting your hair air dry out in the sun after applying a deep conditioning mask to get extra hair nourishment without frying it. In addition, you may want to steer away from or limit the use of hair sprays or other alcohol-containing hair products that may worsen hair dryness.

4. Try natural oils.
The oil extract from the neem tree can provide plenty of benefits for different aspects of your health. Neem oil can be applied to your hair to smooth and hydrate, and its powerful antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects can help keep your scalp healthy as well. If you're into swimming, applying a drop or two of neem oil to your hair can help shield it from saltwater, chlorine and certain other hair-damaging substances. Additionally, the high antioxidant count and fatty acids in neem oil may help promote healthy hair growth and also keep it protected from free radicals, which may do more damage when you are exposed to outdoor environmental pollutants in the summer. If you've been sweating all day in the heat and you need a quick way to sop up some of that excess grease or oil around your part or hairline, try witch hazel. Dabbing a bit onto your scalp can help get rid of that oily, sticky summer hair feeling. 

5. Nourish hair from the inside out.
Taking a healthy hair supplement throughout the year can provide you with a stronger foundation of hair to last through the harsh summer heat. This revitalizing hair supplement from Aviva contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients to help keep hair nourished and healthy. With ashwagandha, biotin, folic acid and pumpkin seed oil, among other great ingredients, this supplement works at the root of the problem to provide hair with essential support for great growth and hair loss prevention. If you're prone to breakage or weak hair, this product and other similar ones can help restore strength and even luster for a great appearance. 

While you're out enjoying the heat and sun this summer, don't let your hair get damaged. Keep it in great shape all the time with our wide selection of natural hair care products and other wellness essentials at eVitamins. 

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