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Nature's Plus Reviews

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$13.57 $11.55
Nature's Plus HEMA-PLEX

"I love this supplement. I used to have low iron in my blood, but since I started taking Hema-Plex twice a week, my iron levels are just fine in the analytics. So, so far it works in keeping my blood iron levels good without the hassle of the pharmaceutical traditional iron supplements (you know what I'm talking about if you have taken them)."

"This product is great and it is providing the sufficient iron that I need daily paired with vitamin C. HEMA-PLEX does not mess with my digestive system."
- Margaret H.
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$21.73 $18.47
Nature's Plus Pedi-Active

"We just tested this on our son with ASD. He seems better at sitting and taking instructions. We are getting our 2nd bottle of 120 caps. "

"I saw immediate results within the first 24 hours. My daughter went from hyper to calm within the first two doses. She was asked to make her bed and made it within minutes and it looked wonderful ... not just thrown on ... like usual. She has been respectful. I am beyond impressed! "
- Heather
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$39.12 $33.25
Nature's Plus Source of Life

"Source of Life is the only multivitamin I can take that doesn't make me nauseous. I love it. "
- Amanda M.

"These vitamins are a staple in my health regimen. Nothing has given me more energy than Source of Life!"
- Kristin B.
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$23.66 $20.11
Nature's Plus Ultra Hair Plus

"I was noticing my hair is getting thin and I was losing them a lot, but when I started with Nature's Plus Ultra Hair Plus, I could see a wide change in the texture of my hair, and less hair fall, too. After two months, I see my hair to be thick like before. Amazing results in short time."
- Nikki

"My husband and I both noticed our hair was getting thinner and decided to try Ultra Hair Plus. Wow! What an improvement we both saw in just a short period of time. This is a great product. We both recommend Ultra Hair Plus very highly."
- Donna Burrows
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$15.50 $13.18
Nature's Plus Animal Parade Multiple

"My kids love this product! Now they are 21 and 18 and still using it."
- Andrea B.

"My kids love the Animal Parade Multiple. They think they're candies! "
- Liza D.
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$39.47 $33.56
Nature's Plus SKINNY MINI

"I love these! I've taken Hydroxycut before and it didn't work as fast as these do. You HAVE to diet and exercise to lose weight though, you can't just buy a few pills and expect it to work miracles. I was 141 when I started these. After two weeks of taking these, drastically decreasing my portion sizes and working out hard everyday I'm right at 131. The combo of these diet pills and diet and exercise works fast! Just stick to it so you don't gain it back! Good luck all! Upside: very good price for the amount you get Downside: I am having some chest pains. I don't know of it is from skinny mini though!"
- Jade

"I started taking Ultra Skinny Mini about 12 weeks ago. After a few weeks, it became surprisingly easy to lose weight which before I could not shift for the life of me. I stopped taking them for a month, but 1 month later am not losing as fast as when I was taking them. I am now back taking them again. They give me energy and I really feel they curb my appetite, especially for junk food. I have gone from 210 to 175 in 3 months!"
- Anne Marie
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$15.45 $13.14
Nature's Plus Chewable Iron

"Great way to get extra iron. Taste is very good and the pills are not huge."
- adixiechick69

"Been buying Chewable Iron w/Vitamin C & Herbs for almost two years. They do have a tart taste, but it does not have an aftertaste. I like them and I'll keep taking them."
- Mettie M.
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$20.30 $17.26
Nature's Plus Childrens Vita-Gels

"My five-year-old daughter hates gummy vitamins and she hates the sour-type vitamins. This is a great vitamin. It is small enough for her to swallow and she does not complain about stomach aches or taste. She actually thinks it smells like chocolate and looks like it too, because they are brown."
- Tara M.

"I love Childrens Vita-Gels! My children have been taking them for about one year and have not had any colds, etc. They are easy to swallow, smell great and do not have any artificial colors."
- Juliet A.
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$25.40 $21.59
Nature's Plus Spiru-Tein

"This is my favorite of all the Spiru-Tein flavors. If you're new to protein shakes and have been turned off by other brands because of bad tasting powders, then this might be one for you to try."
- Rebecca Y.

"I love most of the Spiru-Tein shakes, but this flavor is my absolute favorite. I mix it with soy milk in a blender bottle, or I add the powder to my homemade protein bars and it tastes fantastic."
- Rebecca Y.
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$23.41 $19.90
Nature's Plus Sleep Assure

"My husband works nights and needed something to keep him asleep. This has been wonderful. Even if he gets up to use the restroom he can go right back to sleep. He says he's had quality sleep which he hasn't had in months. He's a long haul truck driver and he thinks because this product helps him have such a good nights sleep that he can stay awake during the night. He gives this product a 10 star. "
- Creed

"I have been taking Sleep Assure for over two years. I find that it helps me to sleep through the night, as opposed to other melatonin products which are not time- released, and only knock me out for 2 hours or so. Sleep-Assure leaves me alert and cheerful, no morning residue. It's part of my daily regimen."
- Joanne Sturgeon
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$23.05 $19.59
Dose Per Serving: 600 mg ($0.65)
Nature's Plus Red Yeast Rice Extended Release

"My cholesterol count was creeping and when it got to 213 the doctor said he would put me on stating drugs if it went any higher. I knew I didn't want to be on the drug and had heard about the benefits of Red Yeast Rice. I got some and started taking it once a day. One year later, my cholesterol test results were 168!!"
- Judy Baldwin

"My husband took red yeast rice for 9 months and his cholesterol went from 220 down to 128."
- Anonymous
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$18.87 $16.04
Nature's Plus Connect-All

"Recommended by a friend so I thought lets give it a try. I run quite a few miles and have a torn meniscus that I am "dealing" with along with an occasional flare-up of plantar fasciitis. Seems to be helping, will be ordering more."
- James Wilson

"I've taken this for 20 years. My three sisters all complain about joint pain -- I am complaint free! Wahoo!!! I will continue taking this! "
- Rachael S.
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$34.94 $29.69
Nature's Plus Source of Life Red Lightning

"It's all about antioxidants, and Red Lightening is a powerhouse product. My skin looks amazing!"
- Christen L.

"Oh. My. Goodness. I just started taking Red Lightning two weeks ago and I can't explain to you how wonderful this product has been to me. "Wow" is just not enough. Triple wow, wow, wow! I'm recommending it to all of my friends."
- V.V.
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$34.94 $29.69
Nature's Plus Source of Life Green Lightning

"Green Lightning is an amazing source for your daily vegetables, fruit and green foods. My only complaint is that it smells really bad (the smell is very similar to the smell of a rabbit or hamster cage). The taste is even worse. I felt like I grabbed a patch of grass and shoved it in my mouth."
- Anonymous

"I found out from a friend who had cancer in both lungs that green lightning worked for her. She never took chemo and has been cancer free for 2 years now. Since my brother has cancer of the liver I recommended it for him and his cancer has shrunk big time. I also recommended it to my brother with very high sugar of 600. Since he has been taking these vitamins his sugar count is down to 200. I highly recommend green lightning. I have no health problems but I take the vitamins every day. "
- Linda Miller
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$23.77 $20.21
Nature's Plus Ultra Prenatal

"The pills are a little big, but not too difficult to swallow. Ultra Prenatal is good because it has the right amount of vitamins needed for a good prenatal at a wonderful price!! Make sure you check the levels on your current prenatal because I thought I was getting what I was supposed to get but found out it only had half the required amounts I needed in a day!! These have exactly what you need to conceive/carry a healthy baby AND you only have to take two pills a day!!"
- Laura R.

"I used Ultra Prenatal vitamin with my first and third baby and I really loved them. I took it at night, which really helped me. I would definitely recommend Ultra Prenatal to all pregnant mom's. "
- Lacey A.
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$22.03 $18.73
Nature's Plus Ultra Hair-Sustained Release

"Ultra Hair Is a very good product!"
- Uldry M.

"My hair actually doesn't need help growing, Thank goodness! But to maintain its health and longevity, I take Ultra Hair in the begining of each year and in the end. People always compliment my hair's growth, stregnth and shine. I know that this product makes a great deal of difference. I've recommended this to many of my peers and they agree. Try it and you will also see how great this product is!"
- Veronica Almonte
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$27.49 $23.37
Dose Per Serving: 500 mg ($0.39)
Nature's Plus Ultra Ginseng 500

"Ultra Ginseng 500 is great for brain function! "
- Kimberly A.

"Ultra Ginseng 500 is a great Product!"
- Kimberly A.
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$32.33 $27.49
Nature's Plus Hypertrol-RX  - Maximum Strength Formula

"I had high blood pressure but that went away in less than a week after I started taking Nature's Plus Hypertrol-RX - Maximum Strength Formula. It has the best natural ingredients for high blood pressure and the issues have not returned in the months since I've been taking it. I've used Nature's Plus products for over twenty-five years and they are the best. I have recommended it to others. "
- Ron T.

"This is my second order of the Hypertrol-RX - Maxium Strength Formula and it does work!"
- Kelly T.
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$28.51 $24.24
Nature's Plus Spiru-Tein Whey

"I enjoy the taste and texture of this Spiru-Tein Whey shake. I do recommend using a blender, otherwise the powder clumps. I have been drinking one every morning for about 5 1/2 months now."
- Anonymous

"This is a review of the Cherry flavored one. It is fine and filling, but a bit too sweet. I would buy it again, though and maybe mix it with an unflavored version. I like the thickness of the product. I feel full after drinking it."
- Elizabeth Guthrie
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$41.11 $34.95
Soy Free
Wheat Free
Yeast Free
Nature's Plus Source of Life Liquid

"Source of Life was recommended to me by my physician. I have been taking it for over 8 years. It gives me the energy boost I need in the morning and lasts me the entire work day. I used to mix it with juice but now I just take it straight. If you suffer from fatigue this will help tremendously and give you the vitamins you need!"
- Kay

"Love it! Love it! Love it! I even like the taste of Source of Life Liquid in a weird kinda way! I can tolerate it without putting it into juice. I often even add it as a shot to my veggie smoothie. I have to say, liquid vitamins is the way to go! "
- Celeste
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$27.18 $23.10
Nature's Plus Mega B-150 Sustained Release

"Excellent product! I've been using Mega B-150 Sustained Release for six months and just had physical and my B levels are perfect!"
- Kimberly A.

"Vitamin B is a must but with Mega B-150, you get so much more for your money! Great product with a great price!"
- Kimberly Akins
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$34.27 $29.13
Nature's Plus Coleus Forskohlii

"I heard about this product in the Dr. Oz show. I followed his diet plan for apple body shapes and started taking this supplement. In approx. two weeks I had lost weight around my belly. Of course, it helps to eat right and exercise but it works!"
- Alma Fuertis

"Truly felt a difference with Coleus Forskohlii."
- Ida Bear R.
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$22.90 $19.46
Nature's Plus Commando 2000

"Commando 2000 is the best of the vitamins. It's a complete supplement."
- Elefteria T.

"I've been taking Commando 2000 for 3 years and I'm still alive and well!"
- Darrell G.
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$28.51 $24.24
Preservative Free
Artifical Color Free
Nature's Plus Adult's Multi-Vitamin Chewable

"Nature's Plus Adult Chewable Multi-Vitamin and Minerals are a great alternative to those that gag like I do at the thought of big horse pill vitamins that are difficult to swallow. The only drawback is there is a bit of a sour aftertaste, but otherwise this vitamin has everything you need for a daily multi. Overall I found it to be very good."
- Anonymous

"I love this multi-vitamin. I started using it after I had gastric-bypass, and I hate taking liquids. This chewable tastes great."
- Margaret Maine
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