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General Detox Reviews

$30.55 $17.50
Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body Cleanse Complete 10 Day System

"This product worked great for me."
- Salah

"I had been using Pepcid for a year straight. After using Whole Body Cleanse, I have not had to use Pepcid or any antacid. I had IBS and have been like clock work with no cramping or any problem of any sort. Plan on using this product four time a year and am going to tell my freinds and family about this product. Thanks"
- Tammy
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$39.95 $28.33
Puriclean Omni Cleansing Softgel

"Omni cleansing pills DOES NOT WORK for drug urine screenings! Save yourself the embarrassment and money."
- Ashley

"Omni Cleansing softgel did not work for me. I followed the directions and my results came back as diluted so I had to go retake the test again, with no cleanser. I sure hope I passed and would not recommend this product."
- Mel Hatcoc
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$99.95 $44.86
Puriclean Completely Clean

"FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! Eat clean, don't drink, exercise and drink five to six liters of water a day and you will pass. I'm a bigger guy, 6'3 and 235 lbs, not really active other than work and last used about 13 days before test with about five days between last set of pills and the test and passed. I recommend this product. Just follow the instructions."
- Jeff

"Don't waste your money. Followed directions on the side of the box, not much for directions, no on line support (try Vales, excellent on line support) We all know why we are using this product, pre-employment or random drug (THC) screen. I purchased this product in a HEAD SHOP. I could not leave my home for seven days (this is a seven day cleanse) afraid to fart ( big mess, if you know what I mean). Tested myself with a strip test and tested positive (glad I didn't depend on this product for help with pre-employment testing) I feel I did the right things right, more than plenty of water, urinated many times before the strip test. What can I say? THIS PRODUCT DID NOT WORK FOR ME! "
- Grateful Fred
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$32.99 $24.74
Michael's Ultimate Detox and Cleanse

"I have not noticed a difference at all since I started taking Ultimate Detox & Cleanse, and I am on day five. I hope it gets better."
- Meghan

"I have used many different detox kits in the past and Ultimate Detox is by far the best. In 2 weeks, I felt like a whole new person. My body has more energy and I feel healthier. I usually do 1 Detox at the begining of the year and 1 in the middle of the year - I think that flushing the toxins out of my body twice a year has really helped me both internally and outwards."
- Anonymous
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$29.95 $22.46
Wheat Free
Dairy Free
Yeast Free
Nature's Secret Ultimate Cleanse

"Just started Ultimate Cleanse today and experienced exactly what the bottle and paperwork said...Flu like symptoms. I will give it a chance and try it for a few more days. I had a successful BM earlier today and it was a relief. It had to be the cleanse because I rarely go mid-afternoon. Maybe my stars will increase once I notice more positive changes."
- Craig

"I've been using this product but am not really feeling any different. I do go to the bathroom 2 or more times a day and it often feels urgent. I don't feel more energized. I'm not sure what I expected really, but I guess it can't be all bad - at least everything is getting out, right?"
- Anonymous
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$31.31 $25.37
Garden of Life Perfect Cleanse

"I did not have good results with Perfect Cleanse, unless it works after you stop taking it a while. I felt so bloated and gained 5 lbs. My stomach is still distended a few inches, and I am constipated. I ate healthy and was not constipated before I started taking it. Also, I had gas and broke out with acne. It was easy to use and the taste was not terrible."
- Gina

"Perfect Cleanse does what it says. I've been on it on for 7 days now and I feel better. I'm also sleeping better. I also don’t have nausea upon waking like I used to (felt like my stomach was full). Now I wake up and I have energy and my stomach feels fine. I noticed my energy has kicked up a bit. I have psorasis and noticed that my skin is improving a little bit. My BM's are in the morning, although when I first started taking Perfect Cleanse, I didn't have a bowel movement until 3 days later and all my bloating was done. I lost 2 pounds and as time progress on my 7th day I had big bowel movement. I will definitely make this my cleansing product from now on. It really cleans you out."
- Dee
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$9.95 $7.65
Wellements Daily Detox Tea

"Good detox. I had a bowel movement after my 3rd cup of tea. Good cleansing and my skin is even glowing now, more than ever. I have to stock up on this. Great price as well."
- Lisa Hunter

"My teenage daughter leaves early for school and cannot eat breakfast or drink anything except this tea. It not only tastes good to her, but is very soothing to her stomach. She finds it very effective for either getting her regular or keeping her regular. She specificallly asked me to get more for her."
- Beth Powell
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$32.99 $28.04
Renew Life CleanseSmart - 2 Part Detox

"I love CleanseSmart! It gives me so much more energy and is gentle to my body. I can't even tell I am using it. You can go about your daily activities and have even more energy to do them. I would recommend this product to people who are looking for a gentle way to detox/cleanse their bodies without the harsh side effects."
- Jennifer

"I have about two more days left until finished with this first cleanse and have been very pleased. The immediate increase in "healthy" bowel movements and the disappearance of a small lump behind my knee have more than made up for the occasional intestinal cramping and bloating I experienced."
- Michele
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$36.99 $31.44
Renew Life Organic Total Body Cleanse

"I did not have any noticeable results after 2 weeks of using the Organic Total Body Cleanse. If anything, I felt more constipated. The herbal packs of laxative were helpful and I would purchase them if I could find them, but the other items were useless."
- Ben

"I had been feeling bloated and constipated for a long time. I decided to try this product and almost immediately I noticed positive results. No more uncomfortable bloated feeling. Regular bowel movements. I have recommended this to other people. Would definitely use it again! "
- Anonymous
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$54.49 $40.87
Nature's Secret Ultimate Fasting Cleanse Kit

"Ultimate Fasting Cleanse Kit is an awesome product!"
- Sherri P.

"This Product is AMAZING! I did not feel hungry and I did not have to live in the bathroom. My body needed a break from eating everyday, so that it could cleanse. This product is The Real Deal!! Also, Great for Church Fasting!!"
- Randy
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$35.99 $27.53
MediNatura BodyAnew Cleanse Multipack

"I have used many cleanses over the years and feel that Heel's detox is absolutely the best. If you are looking for an intensive colon cleanse product, this is not the best solution. But if you are looking for liver, kidney, blood, lymphatic, choose this! You may experience headache and/or symptoms like you are coming down with a cold - push through. Such symptoms are very common when you are releasing toxins."
- Natalie

"I have used this Detox Kit twice. I slowly started using it and did not go into recommended drops. By the 4th week of using every day I was at the directed level. I then used it for another 2 -3 weeks. It definitely works on many levels of cleaning and eliminating the system. It also affected my moods, concentration, sleeping and energy levels. I also experienced headaches. To begin with, even on small doses I felt tired and got irritated and angry (I`d say this was the liver/kidney detox kicking in) and usually felt very tired by the end of the day. My sleeping patterns after week 2 were better than ever and I usually woke feeling tired, but well slept. What this kit appears to do is stimulate the whole body on a cellular level detox and after 6-8 weeks I stop using it. A year later i took another treatment. I smoked tons of Cannabis years ago and eventually had a severe skin condition from poor diet and little rehydration. This Kit is the most effective in detoxing.I knew it was working when i started to have itching skin and the skin on my feet began peeling after 3 weeks. I knew it was cleaning me and pushing toxins out. I would recommend it and suggest when you put it in the required water to sip it regularly all day and not gulp it down in the morning and then some in the afternoon. 2 mouthfuls is as affective as 4 glasses at once. Best to spread out the mouthfuls to 2 every 15-30 minutes."
- Paul
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$9.95 $7.65
Wellements Daily Detox Herbal Caps

"Daily Detox Herbal Caps don't work as well as the teas. Swallowing is a problem with these capsules, you must drink a lot of water. If not they just make you feel like they're opening in your throat. "
- Lisa H.

"I've been taking Daily Detox Herbal Caps for more than 2 years. Tea first then the pill because it more convenience. It has help in a lot of different ways. I have recommended it to several people. I love it and I have got to have it!"
- Sara Vega
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$37.99 $30.39
Flora Flor-Essence Detox Liquid Formula

"I purchased this detox because I read the only review posted by a customer. I had heard about essiac tea and its profound effect on those who used it so I decided to try the Flor-Essence Detox. I was very pleased with this product. I noticed that I was feeling a little tired, but it was because the detox began working from day one. I was concerned about a recurring boil that I had on my buttock. On day two of taking the Flor-Essence, the boil began drying up. I believe there was an infection in my body because prior to taking the detox the boil would reoccur each month. I have been waiting to see if it would return, but so far it has not. This detox can be expensive because taking 4 oz's a day would give only four and a partial day usage. However, it is well worth the price! This detox is much healthier than taking antibiotics. "
- Anonymous

"Flor-Essence is an essential product for all cancer patients. I treated my wife with all kinds of supplements during her six-year bout with colon cancer, and I only wish I had discovered Flor-Essence. It is a high-quality version of the famous Essiac tea, and there are testimonials all over the world, on the internet and published in books about how many people have cured their own cancers with this tea - including JFK's personal physician (of colon cancer). The Dr.'s files also included a facial cancer he cured with Essiac. For advanced cancers, STOP eating sugars, and take larger measures of Essiac. Study up on Essiac. You will see."
- Ken Raggio
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$12.08 $7.70
OxyLife Detox MSM Liquid w/Oxygen

"Detox is cheap and effective! I highly recommend it."
- Matthew Gareau

"This liquid detox is one of the most convenient on the market and it is offered at a very reasonable price. The only draw back is the time frame for results. It is recommended to detox with this product for at least two months. However, it is not difficult to do because the instructions are to take one tablespoon in the morning and one tablespoon before going to bed. I like the fact that it is a liquid detox and there is no requirement to refrigerate after opening. Purchasing four bottles will be sufficient for two months. This product is great for detoxing the organs! "
- Anonymous
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$19.99 $10.20
Detoxify Constant Cleanse

"This is a great detox. I purchased it for a family member and it really cleansed her body entirely. She was no longer feeling sluggish after doing the cleanse."
- Lisa Hunter

"Detoxify's Constant Cleanse works! I've been using it for a couple years now on and off and it truly does the trick for a cleanse. I've told friends about it and they swear by it too. Thank you Constant Cleanse for a product that works!! Alaska"
- Alaska
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$39.95 $17.99
Puriclean Omni Cleansing Liquid Extra Strength

"It works. I tested one week after my last toke and passed a hospital screened drug test. Just follow the instructions and you'll be fine."
- Mike

"Omni Cleansing Liquid Extra Strength -- This stuff really works!!"
- Raeanne D
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$9.95 $7.65
Wellements Daily Detox II Capsules

"This is the best detox I've tried. After two weeks, I felt more energized and my skin was much clearer."
- Artelia H.
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$17.99 $13.49
Irwin Naturals Daily Gentle Cleansing & Digestion

"I have found Daily Gentle cleansing & Digestion to be very satisfactory. I had a lot of trouble with irregularity before I tried this and I am totally happy with it."
- Victor Harris
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$15.95 $9.23
VitaLabs Drug Free

"Daily smoker. Took this during a time I was still smoking. Took 1 cap 3 times a day. Stopped smoking 2 days before the test and stopped taking this the day before. I used the Omni pills the day before and the morning of the test. Make sure you drink plenty of water and urinate a lot to get your color correct. It was a court test in a cup with the strips that change color. I passed the test no issues. Many friends used the Omni pills before, they worked great. I used this before because I wanted to be sure I was good to go. Also I did not eat any fatty foods leading up to the week of the test. What they test for stores in your fat. I did not eat at all the day before and the morning of the test. No food at all before testing. I just reordered this because I have to take a life insurance test. This next test will probably be sent in for full analysis so no smoking this time for 3 weeks before the test. "
- chris
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$61.20 $38.55
Dose Per Serving: 800 mg
Now Foods Modified Citrus Pectin

"Good for heavy metals, It´s seems to be working for heavy metals!"
- Marcelo Nakamura
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