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Appetite Suppressant Reviews

$8.99 $6.74
Dose Per Serving: 100 mg ($0.22)
Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Burner

"It is a good product and I saw results, but some days I had problems with my stomach."
- Elena Kane

"Green Tea Fat Burner helped my parents a lot with digestive problems and fat loss."
- Abdullah A.
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$74.99 $23.99
Generix Laboratories Leptopril

"Leptopril absolutely sucks. I've been taking it, per the bottle's instructions, for who knows how long and have had no results. The side effects I have had consisted of constant headaches, upset stomach, the urge to eat more, and drained energy. I wouldn't recommend it."
- Anonymous

"I've been taking Leptopril for 15 days and I'm very satisfied with it. I have lost 5 pounds. It really burns my body fat. I love it!"
- Anonymous
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$29.99 $14.13
Natural Research Innovation Acai Burn

"Acai Burn works! I highly recommend! "
- Jennifer D.

"My friend had Acai Burn. It works!"
- Lillian M.
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$19.99 $13.99
Dose Per Serving: 500 mg ($0.16)
Only Natural Apple Cider Vinegar, Grapefruit & Cayenne

"Losing weight is hard with work, children and having very little time to go to the gym. Some of us in a little extra push. I love this product because after every meal I take one to speed up my metabolism while I keep moving on with my day."
- Jennifer D.

"This Apple Cider Vinegar, Grapefruit & Cayenne really works! I have recommended it to many of my friends and we all have had great success in losing weight. I was concerned about taking other products on the market for losing weight as I have problems with a racing heart. I had no problem with this at all... Try it!"
- Anonymous
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$16.39 $12.50
Natural Care Appetite Suppressant

"I bought the Natural Care Appetite Suppressant and it did not do anything for my appetite at all, however it helped cut my cousin's appetite in half. She lost a great deal of weight over several weeks."
- Lisa H.

"Excellent service. My Appetite Suppressant was delivered on time. I will order again from eVitamins."
- Marion L.
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$39.99 $25.24
Natural Research Innovation Lexatrim 2

"I've been taking Lexatrim for a little over a month (started on 9/1) and have lost 4 pounds. It gives me energy but doesn't make me feel shaky. I don't seem to crash either. I take two pills in the afternoon or usually a half hour before lunch."
- Michelle Ellis

"Lexatrim a smooth riding stimulant. There's no jitters or crash and I noticed that taking two at lunch leaves me perfectly energized for the afternoon. The recommended dosage is one tablet twice daily but it's easier for me to just do two in the afternoon. Results have been very promising."
- Michael Angelo
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$34.27 $29.13
Nature's Plus Coleus Forskohlii

"I heard about this product in the Dr. Oz show. I followed his diet plan for apple body shapes and started taking this supplement. In approx. two weeks I had lost weight around my belly. Of course, it helps to eat right and exercise but it works!"
- Alma Fuertis

"Truly felt a difference with Coleus Forskohlii."
- Ida Bear R.
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$39.95 $33.18
Almased Synergy Diet Powder

"Twenty five effortless pounds gone in eight weeks...and still counting! Almased is amazing."
- Denise W.

"This is a great way to take off the pounds. If you following the plan you will lose weight. We mixed it with no sugar added juice and it was good. With water not so good. One healthy meal a day, lots of veggies, lots of energy....I recommend Almased. "
- Susan Heller
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$15.95 $10.05
Dose Per Serving: 500 mg
Bio Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia

"Garcinia Cambogia is an excellent product, highly recommended."
- Anonymous

"Garcinia cambogia is an excellent product, very good for weight loss. I highly recommended to combine with food without dieting."
- Anonymous
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$24.95 $14.09
Natural Research Innovation Raspberry Ketone Extreme

"Zero results. I have taken the entire bottle at 2 capsules, twice daily, and have seen no results. I would not recommend this item. "
- Nathan Johnston

"This product is great. Lost 12 pound in 6 weeks. I am really excited. I take 2 pills in the morning and sometimes I'll take 2 in the afternoon. I'll skip my afternoon dose depending on how tired I am feeling. "
- Annette Miskof
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$77.98 $58.49
MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

"Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite gave me so much energy and curbs your hunger."
- Tyler

"Hydroxycut Elite is a good supplement. I have tried the old Pro Series and this one stacks up just as good. It doesn't give the jitters but does provide a nice boost of energy. I would take it in the mid-afternoon for a little pick me up to get me through the rest of my day."
- Anonymous
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$23.99 $19.19
Dose Per Serving: 800 mg
Genesis Today Pure Green Coffee Bean

"I'm dieting and taking Pure Green Coffee Bean. I have lost weight. Not sure due to what, but I think it seems to help. Jury is still out."
- Deborah L.

"I love this pure green coffee bean, my sister purchased it for me and now I'm purchasing my own. I actually lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks."
- Lisa Hunter
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$29.07 $14.12
Dose Per Serving: 250 mg ($0.16)
Source Naturals Relora

"Relora was recommended by my doctor to regulate my cortisol levels. It works great!"
- Denise M.

"Relora is a great product. It definitely helped in weight loss!"
- Wendy J.
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$26.99 $17.22
Dose Per Serving: 500 mg ($0.57)
Nature's Way Hoodia

"Hoodia didn't work for me. I eat more now than ever before."

"This Hoodia made me more hungry, not less hungry. I don't know why, but apparently it didn't work for me. It certainly didn't suppress my appetite one bit! Unfortunate, because it looks like it would be a good product."
- Anonymous
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$24.28 $20.63
Nature's Plus Slim & Natural

"Slim & Natural shake is what I needed to help me take off a few extra pounds and keep it off by just following a diet plan and drinking the slim & Natural shake."
- Tim

"You can't get any better than Slim & Natural for a weight management shake. I have always been very satisfied with Nature's Plus supplements, and this strawberry shake mix is really delicious! (I've tried some awful-tasting ones). I have been replacing 1 meal per day with this shake and I am already seeing and feeling a difference."
- Anonymous
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$19.95 $13.97
Only Natural Ultimate African Mango Extract

"I did not see any significant benefits from Ultimate African Mango Extract. It did not help with an increase in energy or weight loss. I would not recommend this supplement to my friends because it simply is not that effective and a little pricey."
- Jeff F.

"Taking Ultimate African Mango, I haven't lost any weight in 2 months, I still weigh 135, I watch calorie intake and exercise a couple of days a week. I think this is a bunch of crap. No loss in top of legs or love handles."
- Terry
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$14.99 $12.11
Dose Per Serving: 400 mg
Intramedic Research Java Slim

"I have lost 4 pounds in 6 weeks of taking JavaSlim. So far I am not very happy with my results. I need to lose at least 15 pounds before summer and this product just doesn't seem to do it fast enough. "
- Kim M.

"I have seen no results with Java Slim. In fact, I feel fatter. I work out everyday and watch what I eat. I'll write again when I finish the bottle."
- Joan
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$25.49 $13.38
Dose Per Serving: 500 mg ($0.45)
Now Foods Slimaluma Plus 250 mg

"I have had a lot of energy and have already lost about 3 pounds in about 5 days using Slimaluma Plus."
- Y. D.
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$5.00 $4.25
Dose Per Serving: 1,500 mg ($0.27)
Caffeine Free
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Healthy Fasting

"I love this tea! It tastes great! Great price as well. "
- Hannah Batterham
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$16.59 $11.61
Dose Per Serving: 750 mg ($0.39)
NaturalMax Super CitriMax 750 mg

"I have been using Super CitriMax 750 mg to help with fat burn for about three weeks now. No loss of weight! In fact, I am now having trouble with water retention and weight gain -- no, I am not eating badly. I'm active with riding my three horses four times a week and STILL cannot lose weight -- I have actually added weight I know is not muscle. Don't know what the problem is but I'm going back to my tried and true methods and am NOT using any more of this product!"
- Christine Y.
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$49.99 $34.95
Zoller Laboratories Zantrex-3 High Energy Fat Burner

"Good product, easy on the body and doesn't cause any nausea. The only issue I had was if you are sensitive to niacin or eat other products (such as weetbix) then you can have a red flush which can be annoying but fades in 10 -15 minutes."
- Emma Campbell
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$29.99 $24.99
Re-Body Hunger Caps

"I've tried all fad diets, but this product curbs your appetite."
- Jen
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$12.99 $8.18
Nutrition Now Fiber Gummies

"These fiber gummies are delicious. I had two bowel movements after using for just a few days. No longer constipated! Buy it, everyone! Great choice!"
- Lisa H.
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$29.99 $22.94
Fusion Diet Systems Garcinia Fusion

"After using this for about 3 weeks I've never felt better. Decreased appetite and I'm full of energy. I did not feel sluggish at all..."
- Lisa Hunter
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